TP53 Gene Status in the Presence of Allicin in NNK Induced Pancreatic Cancer Albino Rats


  • Phillip Abutu Paelon Memorial Hospital, Plot 1221, Ahmadu Bellow way Victoria Island, Lagos, 101241, Nigeria
  • Joseph Minari University of Lagos, Akoka, yaba, Lagos, 100213, Nigeria
  • Gbadebo Oyeniyi General Hospital, Offa, Kwara State, Address, Offa and 250101, Nigeria
  • Prince Ugwu College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Chemical Pathology Department, Ibadan, 200212, Nigeria
  • Juliet Obi Department of Biomedical Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University, Osogbo, 210214, Nigeria
  • Anthony Okorie Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nnamdi Azikwe University,420110, Nigeria
  • Titilola Okwoli Department of Medical Laboratory, St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos, 101241, Nigeria
  • Oluwaseun Abutu Pediatric Partners, Akin Ogunlewe, Victoria Island, Lagos,101241, Nigeria


NNK, HPLC, DNA, Allicine, PC.


Pancreatic cancer (PC) is the fourth most lethal form of cancer in Western society, with mortalities closely mirroring incidence and an overall 5-year survival of less than 7%. Traditional medicine which involves the use of herbs has been used to treat various types of cancer and this has been found to be effective with minimal or no side effects. This ressearch was aimed at evaluating the chemo preventive effect of extract of the active ingredients of garlic (Allicine)on Nitrosamines induced pancreatic cancer in rat. Allicine was extracted from garlic by crushing the garlic in an ethanol and inject  into the HPLC column. Agarose gel electrophoresis was used to analyze deoxyribonuleic acid (DNAs) extracted from the pancreatic tissue of the experimental mice while haematoxylin and eosin staining was used for histological assay.

There was a significant reduction in the weight of the experimental animals that were administered with NNK. The animals administered with extract (allicin) also show a reduction in weight. Normal control animals were seen to have gained weight. DNA bands obtained from agarose gel electrophoresis suggested a possible NNK induced damage which was prevented to a certain degree owing to the effect of the allicin. Histological assay revealed the presence of neoplastic hyperplasia which is more prominent in the histological sections of the pancreatic tissue of the rats which were not treated with allicin. This study has shown that allicin could be used as a treatment against NNK induced pancreatic cancer in white albino rats at the right concentration.


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