The Utilize Accuracy Diagnostic Tests to Classification HIV/AIDS Infected Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging


  • Elhadi Gafer Osman Central Bank of Sudan, Khartoum 313, Sudan
  • Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdulrahman Sudan University of Science and Technology , Department of Statistic , Khartoum 313, Sudan


MRI, Deformation, Homogeneity, HIV/AID, uninfected.


This research has aimed to apply the accuracy diagnostic tests to find the classification method to classify HIV/AIDS infected from image properties use Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Sudan.  118 sample sizes were taken to studied, half cases of sample size was infected group and the other was uninfected group. We conduct the properties of image show that there is significance different between infected with HIV/AIDS and uninfected; also the risk in HIV/AIDS infected group is higher than the risk in uninfected group by 0.054. In the other hand of was found that if the deformation of images increased than 0.694 there was a high probability of with HIV/AIDS infection, when the homogeneity of the image decreased than 0.27 there was a high probability of HIV/AIDS presence.


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