Improving Cultural Management Practices of High Valued Variety of Malaysian Mums


  • Anita D. Mante Facultu College of Agriculture ,Fisheries and Natural Resources University of Eastern Philippine , Catarman, Northern Samar, 6400


Plantmate, vermicast, slow release, malaysian mums, organic soil amendments.


The growth and floral yield parameters of Malaysian mums was significantly influenced by different organic soil amendment both in two cropping. Mums grown in 1 part garden soil and I part plant mate + carbonized rice hull and FPJ  was the tallest plant, early to initiate bolting resulting to earlier flower initiation and harvesting , higher dry matter yield  , numerous petals, bigger flower size and longer shelf life but statistically at par to 1 part garden soil and I part chicken dung  + carbonized rice hull and FPJ  and recommended slow release fertilizer while garden soil alone obtained the shortest, delayed floral opening and harvesting due to late bolt initiation, few petals and smaller flower head both in two cropping season.  The floral color of Malaysian mums was rated 2 classified   as good color dominated red orange based on color chart in 1st cropping but dominated yellow with red strip in second cropping.


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