My Drug in Sindereng Rappang Regency

  • Rahmat Pannyiwi Department Nursing Academy of Yapenas 21 Maros, Makassar Indonesia
Keywords: Narcotics, Elite, Sidenreng Rappang.


The long-term goals of this study are: (1) Revealing psycho-social aspects that influence and cause behavior in drug users (elite circles) do not have the awareness to change, and to obtain comprehensive in-depth information about drugs and the danger to the community, especially Sidenreng Rappang District . (2) Revealing the impact of drugs on the socio-economic and public health of Sidenreng Rappang District. (3) Finding the right solution direction used in the abuse and rampant drug trafficking in life to change the behavior of drug users for the people (elite circles) of Sidenreng Rappang Regency. The approach used in this study is qualitative, with a case study method in the informants taken purposively. Data obtained through in-depth interviews and observations are then analyzed inductively. Results in research in Sidenreng Rappang District: First: based on the results of the research data obtained, in 2015 with the number of cases 82 with suspects 109 people, in 2016 with the number of cases 111 with the number of suspects 149, and in 2017 with the number of cases 140 with the number of suspects 197 people, and 2017 with the number of cases 86 (Results of direct interviews with Sidrap Police Narcotics Officers and administrative staff, 31 July 2018). Second: (1) psycho-social factors which are chains that lead to the formation of a behavior that is deviant and contradictory and has a major influence on the social community environment. (2) The socio-economic and public health impacts tend to be ignored, even though they already have knowledge about the consequences that can be caused from the abuse and rampant drug trafficking in the Sidenreng Rappang District community. (3) The theoretical solution to drug abuse and circulation among the public (elite) is structurally a "win-win" approach between the community - the elite. The district government sidenreng rappang very much needs to "intervene" against drug users among the elite in terms of sanctions and punishments. Secondly, the cognitive approach that has been underlying the drug abuse prevention program has to be integrated with the affective approach in raising awareness of the negative impacts of drug abuse and circulation in the district.


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