Studying of Oxidative Stress and Some Biochemical Parameters in Patients with ?-Thalassemia Major in Kirkuk City


  • Nazar Ahmed Naji Department of Chemistry / College of Science / Tikrit University, Iraq
  • Sayran Sattar Saleh Department of Chemistry / College of Science / Kirkuk University, Iraq
  • Galawesh Noori Taher Department of Nursing/ Instituted Kirkuk Technical/ Northern Technical University, Iraq


Enzyme, Oxidative stress, β-thalassemia major, MDA, NO.


This research include studying the oxidative stress state and measuring some biochemical parameters in the blood of ?-thalassemia major which include: Acetylcholinesterase (AChE), Aspartate aminotransferase(AST), Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), Alkaline phosphatase (ALP),Catalase(CAT),Glutathione (GSH), Malonadialdehyde (MDA),Total bilirubin (Tb), Ceruloplasmin(Cp),Nitric oxid (NO) and  Peroxynitrite(ONOO-). The study was done on (80)thalassemic patients (42) were male , (38)female and (40)  normal healthy subjects  as control group (21) were male and (19)female ,the age of  patients and control group ranged from 3-30 years  for both sexes.The results showed that there was a significant increase in the activity of AChE,  AST, ALT, ALP, Cp,ONOO-and Tb in ?-thalassemia major compared with healthy group for both sexes, these result were indicated that these parameters may be good biochemical markers for this disease .Beside of that, the results showed there was a highly oxidative stress in the patients for both sexes, so there was a significant increase in the activity of oxidant indicator of MDA, with a significant decrease in NO and GSH levels in thalassemic  patients compared with healthy group for both sexes.


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