The Investigating of Photoplethysmogram Waveform Amplitude Changes: Aging and Atherosclerosis

  • Yousef Qawqzeh Computer Science& Information Technology Department
  • Loai Kayed Computer Science& Information Technology Department
  • Mohammad Otoom Computer Science& Information Technology Department
  • Mafawez Alharbi Computer Science& Information Technology Department
  • Fakhri Alam Khan Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, Pakistan
Keywords: PPG, RI, Systolic Peak, Atherosclerosis, Age.


This paper focuses on the analysis of PPG waveform amplitude changes. As PPG signal reflects blood volume changes, studying its (peaks and valleys) amplitudes changes is highly appreciated. The results showed a strong positive relationship between age and RI index (R square = 0.657) and a strongly negative relationship between age and systolic peak index (R square = -0.651). The obtained results underline the importance of studying PPG's (peaks and valleys) amplitude changes and their association with age and atherosclerosis. The association between aging, atherosclerosis, arterial stiffness and PPG's morphology can provide a fruitful tool towards disease prevention and early-risk prediction. The increment of systolic peak as we age might indicate the present of atherosclerosis and the start of arterial stiffness. In addition, the increment of RI index as we age, may contribute to the process of high-risk atherosclerosis prediction and therefore approaching risk prevention.


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