Formal-legal Aspects and Characteristics of Concession Contracts in Kosovo


  • Armand Krasniqi University


concession, concession contracts, administrative contract.


Concession relations in the Republic of Kosovo are not in a large volume, although there are cases where state institutions have signed such contracts with appointed operators. On the other hand Kosovo contract law doctrine regarding the treatment of concession contracts is extremely poor. The purpose of this paper is to examine the basis and the legal nature of the concession contract within the legal system of the Republic of Kosovo. We are focused on defining the scope of the concession agreement and its essential elements and materials that are most significant for making a decision on concession procedure. In addition, it will be concretized who are contractual parties and the terms concerning the contract. The possibilities of changing certain provisions of the concession contract that is associated with the will of one party or of both parties are analyzed.


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