Effect of Alcohol and Nicotine on Fertility of Male Albino Mice


  • Md Rezwan Hussain Department of Biotechnology Gauhati University
  • G. U. Ahmed
  • Rita Mahanta


Male infertility, Alcohol and Nicotine, Rbm


Abuse of recreational drugs such as alcohol and nicotine may be genotoxic and may have detrimental effect on the male fertility which was aimed to be investigated through this present study using mice model systems. A total of 60 mice were divided into three groups, viz.; control group (n=20), and two groups of alcohol treated (n=20) and nicotine treated mice groups (n=20), administered in recommended dose amount for 90 days. Representative numbers of mice were sacrificed on 10th, 30th and 90th day from each group and the testes were collected. DNA and RNA was extracted from the collected tissue following standard protocol; followed by RAPD-PCR and Real time PCR based analysis of extracted DNA and cDNA, prepared from isolated RNA, for Rbmy1 gene expression analysis, respectively. ?-actin was used as internal normalization control for Real time PCR analysis. Remarkable changes were observed in the RAPD profiles, based on difference in band pattern profile as observed in alcohol treated and nicotine induced cases compared to controls; thereby clearly indicating the effect of recreational drug on the genome of the host in comparison to untreated controls. The differential expression profile of Rbmy1 mRNA in the nicotine model, showed significant down regulation compared to control (p=0.045), and non-significant when compared to alcoholic model cohorts (p=0.307).The observation also showed differences of Rbmy1 mRNA expression in alcoholic cases compared to controls (p=0.782).

The present study indicates that consumption of recreation drugs such as nicotine may play an important role in disturbing the genome integrity and expression of key gene associated with male fertility, thereby disposing to male infertility.

Author Biography

Md Rezwan Hussain, Department of Biotechnology Gauhati University

PhD Research Scholar


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