Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study of Water and Sanitation Agencies of Punjab, Pakistan


  • Wahab Shahbaz
  • Muhammad Mudasar Ghafoor


Workplace Spirituality, Organizational Commitment, WASAs, Organizational Performance


The Water and Sanitation agencies (WASAs) of Punjab, Pakistan are responsible for providing basic municipals services including water supply, sanitation and drainage to the citizens in the urban areas of the province. The performance of these agencies can substantially influence the overall productivity of society in terms of socio-economic development and, human and environment health. Organizational commitment of employees exhibits their likely to remain in the organization for a long time and their devotion towards organizational performance. Modern organizations are integrating spirituality into the workplace in order to obtain its individual benefits like peace, job satisfaction and meaningful work, as well as organizational benefits like productivity, commitment, and employee


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