Bioactivity of Rosemary and Sage Against Measles


  • Alaa Fraihat Al-Balqa'a Applied University(BAU)
  • Mohammad Khalil
  • Yasser Bustanji


cytopathic effect, Cytotoxicity, Rosmarinus officinalis, Salvia triloba.


Two methanolic extracts of common medicinal plants; Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), Salvia triloba (sage), were tested for their antiviral activity against Measles (MV) virus in vitro with the aim of evaluation of the biological activity (cytotoxicity on measles virus) of these aromatic, traditionally used plants in Jordan. A colorimetric tetrazolium-based (MTT) assay as well as visual evaluation of cell morphology using inverted light microscopy has been applied to test cytotoxicity of the different plants concentrations. Antiviral properties of the plant extracts were determined by cytopathic effect inhibition assay using african monkey kidney (Vero) cells. Cytotoxicity results showed that rosemary and sage extracts were toxic at the concentrations 50 and 100


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