Rural Households’ Disposition towards Vaccination against COVID-19 Pandemic in Oyo State, Nigeria


  • Gbolahan Olukayode Oyelere Department of Agricultural Extension and Management, Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, P.M.B. 10, Igboora
  • Musiala Muyiwa Sadiq Department of Agricultural Extension and Management, Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, P.M.B. 10, Igboora
  • Oladapo Adekunle Ojoc Department of Statistics, Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology, P.M.B. 10, Igboora


Rural households, COVID-19, disposition, vaccination


Rural households are very important and are actually the bedrock in the drive to fight poverty, hunger, the attainment of improved gross national product (GDP) and sustainable food security. The advent of COVID-19 in 2019 really hampered peoples’ health and livelihood activities. Therefore, this study assessed the rural households’ disposition towards vaccination against COVID-19 pandemic in Oyo State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: describe socioeconomic characteristics of the rural households in the study area, identify the underpinning factors associated with the effects on livelihood activities of the rural households during COVID-19 pandemic, determine rural households’ dispositions towards COVID-19 vaccination, and identify the constraints against COVID-19 vaccination in rural areas. The hypothesis was that there is no significant relationship between constraints and rural farming households’ disposition towards vaccination against COVID-19 vaccination. Multistage sampling procedure was used to select 364 core rural households. It was revealed that the mean age was 45 years. Nationality/tribe revealed that 77.7% were indigenes while 22.3% were non-indigenes. All (100%) the respondents affirmed that they got their information on COVID-19 from radio.All (100%) the respondents asserted that imposition of restrictions on movements was the actual major factor that really affected all activities in their areas. Also, all (100%) the respondents affirmed that nobody was hospitalized and there was no any case of death due to COVID-19 infection in their areas. Furthermore, all (100%) the respondents held the belief that rural people cannot contract COVID-19 at first instance, hence vaccination was not needed. Regression analysis established that constraints of trekking long distance and phobia for vaccine were significantly related to rural households’ disposition towards vaccination against covid-19 pandemic in Oyo State. Therefore, government and all health stakeholders should device strong means of persuasion to convince the rural people about the health implications and importance of vaccines and other equally crucial health improvement programmes. Rural people should also be encouraged to embrace orthodox medical practices alongside their traditional medicine.


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