Plasma Technology Contributions to Energy Transition and Environment


  • Ahmed Salem Mohamedou Independent researcher


plasma, electron density number, reactive species, wind speed, irradiance, energy transition, environment


A fair and reliable energy transition is needed for the depleted fossil fuel, energy supply and climate concern the world knows now days. Alize climate is adequate for hybrid green hydrogen projects especially with the new innovations and the promising plasma technology solutions for direct seawater hydrogen production. Non thermal plasma with its low temperature and effectiveness of its energetic electrons toward the inert carbon dioxide becomes the new interest for biomass and CO2 conversion to energy. This conversion is in fact a great reduction of CO2 emission that could be considered as another value added.   Gas hydrate risk and geohazard could be mitigated to be a value added and one of the various storages for CO2 emission reduction to atmosphere. Plasma technology in waste treatment has advantage on the conventional methods in pollution prevention. Non thermal plasma in water treatment is still in laboratory scale but has shown great progress by its effeteness of its generated reactive species.


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