Hazardous Nature of Native Chalk (Calabash chalk)


  • Grace Otobo Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria
  • Endurance Fegor Isoje Department of Chemistry, Delta State University of Science and Technology Ozoro
  • Augustina Ufuoma Igbuku Department of Chemistry, Delta State University of Science and Technology Ozoro


Native Chalk, Calabash Chalk, quantitative, Gravimetric


Native Chalk found as white pasty or buff lime stone naturally very close to the stream or at the bank of the river and widely eaten by pregnant women as well as traditional worshipper in making medicine was investigated in this research work .The chalk samples was collected from Atani in Anambra state, Benin in Edo state, Umutu in Delta state and Port-Harcourt in Rivers state, Nigeria West Africa.

Quantitatively, mineral elements such as Iron Calcium, Aluminum, Silicon, Bicarbonate and Sulphate are found to be present in native (Calabash Chalk). Gravimetrically, the samples are found to contain the metal such as lead above the permissive level of the World Health Organization standard for water with lead ranging from 0.01mg/ l to 0.0.40mg/l , while iron is 38mg/l to 76mg/l , calcium and 27mg/l to63.3mg/l minimum and maximum desirable level respectively. The study reveals that the native chalk which occurs naturally in different environment has concentration of lead that is known for its hazardous effect to life is present above desirable level. This implies that Native chalk could be hazardous if constantly eaten.


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