A 16-Year Retrospective Study Examining Socio-Demographic Factors among Suicide Decedents in Bolu Province, Northwestern Turkey


  • Taskin Ozdes Department of Forensic Medicine, Kirklareli University, Faculty of Medicine, Kirklareli, Turkey
  • Zehra Zerrin Erkol Department of Forensic Medicine, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Faculty of Medicine, Bolu, Turkey
  • Erdem Hosukler Department of Forensic Medicine, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Faculty of Medicine, Bolu, Turkey
  • Tolga Turan Department of Forensic Medicine, Abant Izzet Baysal University, Faculty of Medicine, Bolu, Turkey
  • Veyis Gundogdu Ministry of Justice, Aydin Branch of the Council of Forensic Medicine, Aydin, Turkey
  • emel kurtoglu ozdes Department of Nursing, Istanbul Galata University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey


suicide, risk factors, Demographics, autopsy, Turkey


This study aimed to examine the socio-demographic features of completed suicides in Bolu province, northwestern Turkey, between 2003 and 2019, using corpse examinations and autopsy reports to provide epidemiological data with a view to helping prevent suicidal behavior. Of the 108 suicides examined, males accounted for 84.3%, and females accounted for 15.7%. The suicide rate was the highest in the 25–34 age groups and among those of an unknown marital status. Suicide in an unknown location in the group aged 24 years and below was significantly higher than among age groups, while the workplace was significantly higher in those aged 35–64 years. In both genders, the home and its surroundings comprised the leading location of the suicide event, with an unknown location found to be significantly higher in males. The most common suicide method was identified as hanging, with no statistically significant difference between demographic groups with respect to method, and the highest suicide rate was observed in 2016–2019. With regard to time of year, winter was found to be significantly higher among those aged 24–34 years, whereas those aged 65 years and above were likelier to die in spring or summer (p=0.014). Several risk factors were identified, most of which could be detected and resolved before the suicidal act. Studies such as this are extremely valuable for their contribution to preventing suicide by identifying such risk factors.

Author Biography

emel kurtoglu ozdes, Department of Nursing, Istanbul Galata University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey




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