An Optimum Electrons Number Generated in Microwaves Plasma Gas Discharge


  • Ahmed Salem Mohamedou Independent researcher


plasma, wave guides, microwaves, gas discharge, electrons number, reactive species, generation


The objective of this study is the estimation of plasma density and the parameters that control this density in a metallic circular geometric waveguide by using microwave plasma gas discharge for plasma generation. Propagation in unlimited plasma with and without collision has been shortly treated to uncover the collision effect and the cutoff frequency. In limited plasma, in a circular waveguide, we show some waves modes that can propagate in this geometric structure.  Electrons number is the main objective as it constitutes the rate of reactive species for any material treatment.  Its variation with wave sources and with the dielectric constant of the tube medium has been treated.

In conclusion the design of any microwave plasma gas discharge, will be based on these parameters that are essential for guiding electromagnetic waves in a circular geometric structure for an optimum electromagnetic energy transport and as a result for an optimum reactive species rate for use in our daily life need. 


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