Immigration Within the Framework of "fear" in English, Macedonian and Turkish Journalistic Discourse


  • Asude Abdul Kochan Journalist at the ’Sloboden Pechat’ newspaper, Petko Janchevski 35A, Skopje, 1000, North Macedonia


frame, fear, implicite features, journalistic discourse, linguistic features, critical analysis


In this paper, we analyze the way the problem of immigration is embedded in English, Macedonian and Turkish journalistic discourse in the framework of "fear". The goal of our investigation is to discover the language strategies employed in the journalistic discourse that exert a negative influence on readers towards immigrants. To reveal the implicit properties of the discourse structures that direct and shape readers’ opinion, first we apply the method of critical discourse analysis. Then, using a comparative method, we establish the similarities and differences in the representation of immigrants in these three discourses taking into consideration that their treatment takes place in different cultural environments. The analysis focuses on identification and comparison of those specially selected lexical devices used in structuring the journalistic text that influence public opinion against immigrants while creating panic and fear among readers. By investigating the language strategies in the text we shed light on the manipulative power of lexical devices used for influencing the reader to take a negative attitude towards the problem of immigration.

The language strategies used in media discourse increase intolerance towards immigrants and draw a boundary between "us" and the "others." Based on the framework of "fear" the analysis shows that the three journalistic discourses use similar linguistic strategies in representation of immigration problems. The results of the analysis should raise readers' awareness of the manipulative power of media and help readers create a defense mechanism against becoming its victim. Knowledge of how to decode the ways in which media construct their reality will help readers recognize and resist the discourse of fear that encourages xenophobia and racism.


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