Literature Review: COVID-19 Management at Family Medicine Outpatient Clinics


  • Dr. Hamad AlSubaie Family Medicine Department, King Abdulaziz Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Eastern Region, AlHassa
  • Dr. Mansour AlNaim Family Medicine, King Abdulaziz Hospital, AlHassa
  • Dr. Sara AlSubaie Family Medicine, Primary Health Center of National Guard Health Affair, AlHassa


COVID 19, corona virus, family medicine, outpatient clinics, management


COVID-19 is a worldwide medical problem affecting majority of people with different age groups, where family medicine outpatient clinics is the first line in detecting and managing this medical issue, we tried to put our hands to explore the way of management of COVID-19 at the family medicine outpatient clinics where it’s containing mainly supportive treatment in addition to Paxlovid, Molnupiravir as required and as needed according to the patient and his medical condition.


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