The Antimullerian Hormone (AMH) and the Thyroid Autoimmunity


  • Mirela Iancu ARTHOPE, Bucharest, Romania, 077190
  • Alice Albu U.M.F Carol Davila Bucharest, Romania
  • Dragos Albu U.M.F Carol Davila Bucharest, Romania


ATPO, AMH, autoimmunity, thyroid hormones


Infertility affects nowadays10-15% of the reproductive population which led to the rapid development of therapeutical methods such as ART (assisted reproduction techniques). Ovarian reserve plays a key role in evaluating these patients and their prognosis. The best tool that we have for appreciating ovarian reserve is AMH (antimullerian hormone). On the other hand, maintaining thyroid function in normal parameters is essential for reproduction. We review in our paper the liaison between these two factors: AMH and thyroid autoimmunity. It appears that thyroid autoimmunity may affect controlled ovarian stimulation in ART.


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