The The Motives Underlying Public Service Motivation in Nepal


  • Priya Neupane Central Department of Public Administration, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal


Motivation, Public Service, Policy Making, Public Interest


In Nepal, it is evident that there is a good craze for government jobs with visibly overwhelming applications for every other vacancy announcement. However, the real curiosity lies behind peoples’ motive for this association. Are they choosing it to grab the perks and benefits all at personal level or do they really have a drive to devote themselves for public welfare and social interests. This article attempts to reveal the actual rationale behind the subject matter. The finding are an outcome of extensive literature review, observational learnings and survey conducted among the government employees of Nepal working in various Ministries. It was discovered that on top of the drive chart lies the hidden personal motives like job stability, social prestige and authority. Keeping aside these ulterior drives, from among the four dimension of PSM namely attraction to policymaking, commitment to public interest, compassion and self-sacrifice; it was reflected that mostly people joined civil service out of their commitment to work for public interest whereas least are driven by compassion. The government of Nepal has handful of tasks to make people realize the essence of public service motivation hence certain policy level changes can be made to channelize the potential crowd into the platform for real purposes.


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