Remodeling of Health Care Services during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Report from Yarmouk Health Care Center, Kuwait


  • Huda Alduwaisan Head of Al-Yarmouk Primary Healthcare Centre, Head of the Faculty of Primary Healthcare at Kuwait Institute of Medical Specializations Kuwait,
  • Rasheed Alrasheed Al-Yarmouk Primary Healthcare Centre, Kuwait
  • Mahdi Alhashemi Al-Yarmouk Primary Healthcare Centre, Kuwait
  • Tasneem Aljarki Al-Yarmouk Primary Healthcare Centre, Kuwait
  • Mai Alothman Al-Yarmouk Primary Healthcare Centre, Kuwait
  • Waris Qidwai Department of Family Medicine, The Aga Khan University Karachi Pakistan
  • Kashmira Nanji Epidemiologist & Biostatistician, Pakistan


Covid-19 pandemic, Kuwait, Primary Health Care System, Yarmouk Primary Health Care Center, Health Care Delivery System


Several initiatives were undertaken and/or revamped at Yarmouk Primary Health Care Center to help control Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study was to study the effectiveness of reform initiatives that were undertaken to respond and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. A descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted during February 2019 to December 2020. All adult patients (>18 years) who visited the center during the study period were included and all staff working in Yarmouk health center were also included. SPSS version 19 was used for data analysis. Yarmouk PHCC employs eight Family Medicine Specialists, four General Practitioners, 29 Nurses, 15 Administrators and support staff. Result shows that there was a significant reduction (75%), in the proportion of patients visiting the PHCC during the pandemic. Moreover, 9511 employees were screened for Covid-19, using the innovative triage system. Appointment links were used 102, 256 times. Link to issue medical reports was used more than 330 times. The chronic medicines refill link was used 868 times. In conclusion, remodeling healthcare delivery system during Covid-19 in Yarmouk PHCC in Kuwait showed the importance of primary health care system as a gate keeper for diagnosis and prevention of diseases especially during disaster such as Covid-19 pandemic. We advocate that failing to appreciate the importance of PHC in this pandemic moment can be an error in favor of the rapid collapse of the health system within the face of the rise in cases of COVID-19 within the country.


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