Liberal Democracy in America and Socialism in Vietnam Impact on Health Insurance Policy

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Keywords: Liberal Democracy, Socialism, health insurance, Capitalism, public policies, Covid –19


The world is distinguished by a variety of economic and social systems, which have a number of distinctive features, including obvious benefits and implications. The comparison of capitalism that dominates in the United States of America and Vietnamese socialism, presented in this work, made it possible to draw certain conclusions regarding the effectiveness of both political directions. Their definitions and basic provisions contain inherently some pitfalls, the negative consequences of which can be observed in the social spheres of the United States and Vietnam. The United States has traveled its own special development path, which allowed it to reach a quality level in health care, while Vietnam is at the beginning of its evolution, which can lead the country to any result. This study also drew attention to the functioning of the medical sector during the global pandemic that affected all countries without exception. The paper also looked at the health insurance systems existing in these countries and their ability to respond to the needs and demands of the citizens. In general, it is quite difficult to compare the United States and Vietnam because of the fundamental differences in lifestyles and the general approach to medical care. In the context of this pandemic, which has not yet passed its active phase to a greater extent, it is reckless to make long-term forecasts. However, it is possible to identify greater adequacy of the American approach to health insurance compared to the Vietnamese system after using combined research methods.


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