Fluoride Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Mechanically Modified Guava Seeds

  • Hugo Alberto S
  • Raul Cortes-Martinez Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo
  • Ruth Alfaro-Cuevas-Villanueva
Keywords: Fluoride, Removal, Water, Guava seeds, Biosorption.


Removal of fluoride ions by mechanically modified guava seeds (MGS) from aqueous solutions in batch systems was investigated. The kinetic parameters as well as the sorption capacity of MGS were evaluated. The effect of different parameters such as particle size, initial fluoride concentration and contact time was studied on the sorption process. The rate of sorption for fluoride was rapid in the first 150 minutes and reached a maximum in 300 minutes. It was observed that particle size plays an important role in the kinetics of fluoride removal by this biosorbent since biosorption rate increased as particle size decreased. Sorption kinetic data were fitted to Lagergren, pseudo-second order and Elovich models. It was found that the pseudo second-order kinetic model describes the sorption kinetic experimental data and the Langmuir-Freundlich model describes biosorption isotherm, indicating that this system presents chemisorption on heterogeneous surfaces. It was also found that. Fluoride removal was evidenced by FTIR and SEM. Guava seeds showed a high affinity for fluoride ions compared with conventional adsorbents; therefore, it can be considered as a good low-cost biosorbent for defluoridation of water.


World Health Organization (WHO).

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