Demands for Early Childhood Education Teacher Competence in the Millennial Era

  • Nurdin Department of Early Childhood Education, Universitas Terbuka, Jl. Cabe Raya. Pondok Cabe Pamulang. Tangerang Selatan 15418, Banten, Indonesia
Keywords: Competence, Early Childhood, Early Childhood Education, Education, Teacher


As the time goes by, people are triggered to participate in carrying out renewal and improvement in certain fields, including in education. Education is one of the important components in creating the qualified human resources. Since childhood, people study and learn with a variety of experiences every day. Education during the childhood is also called Early Childhood Education. The continuity of learning in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) has a major influence on the development of children towards adolescence to adulthood. As an educator, PAUD teacher must have good competence in teaching the students in the early childhood who are just beginning to enter the world of education. The rapid growth and use of information and communication technology can be used to maximize the learning process in early childhood; however, it should be adapted to the competencies that must be possessed by the teacher.


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