Estimating the Surplus of the Tourist Consumer that the Visitors of the Chibayish Marshes Get in the City of Nasiriyah


  • Adil Issa Kadhim Wazni Assist. Prof. Dr at College of Tourism Sciences. University of Karbala, 56001, Iraq. b Lecture at Col+
  • Jaffer Omran Mohammed Saeed lege of Tourism Sciences. University of Karbala, 56001, Iraq.


Tourist consumer, Consumer surplus, The Marshes of Chibayish, dichotomous double-border offers


The marshes of Iraq are among the beautiful and rare water bodies in the world and the richest in their biodiversity, which made them a magnet for local and foreign tourists. To enjoy the quiet tourist atmosphere, bird hunting and fish, and water and land trips organized by residents for inbound tourists. This paper seeks to estimate consumer surplus for tourists arriving in the Chibayish Marshlands by using the CVM model that is based on surveys. To extract users evaluation of their resource activities including but not limited to (visit The Marshes of Chibayish), To collect demographic information or information related to activities that can be used as a predictor of these assessments. As a group of questions were directed to users, with the options of dichotomous double-border offers, this study helps in the possibility of the local administration of the Chibayish region managing the volume of tourists' arrival to the area through the price mechanism. The assessment is based on estimates of tourists ’willingness to pay through a sample survey of inbound tourists, from which estimates of consumer surplus are derived.


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