Health Problems of Workers in the Poultry Sector


  • Huda Alabbody Hameed Kadhim Master in internal and preventive veterinary medicine, Lecture in Market Research Center and Consumer Protection, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


poultry sector, health problems, worker


Care must be taken of occupational health due to its importance for raising of production and maintenance of human safety. The study aimed to assess the health problems of the poultry sector workers on the farm, processing, and marketing. The study was conducted with a sample of 150 males and 50 females, to evaluate their physical status during the last month in Baghdad. A questionnaire was prepared that included demographic questions as well as about health problems during the last month. Big of the workers suffered from some healthy defects due to daily, unorganized continuous without new machinery work such as muscular and auricular pains, headaches defects in eyes, ears, skin, and upper respiratory tract, or systemic problems as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea due to contact with the biological agents in the scattering of poultry residues. Therefore, we recommend using serious personal protective equipment. The authority must support the workers economically and ethically through awareness of maintaining their physical and health fitness and preserving the environment and its aesthetics.


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