Judiciary Challenge of Republic of North Macedonia Towards EU Integration


  • Fati Iseni Mother Teresa University, “Mirçe Acev nr. 4 – Floor 7”, Skopje 1000, N. Macedonia


Absolute power, EU, Judiciary, Special Public Prosecution, justice, judge, prosecutor


The transition period in The Republic of North Macedonia alongside with the other Balkan countries was very prolonged and impregnated with numerous problems in the functioning of the rule of law. The judiciary has been the 'Gordian knot', for which it has often received objections from the international community. With constant and direct political interference, blatant nepotism, various compromising cases of corruption, and almost endless delays in cases, the judiciary has recorded successive violations of law and infringement of justice. There are perception that the predominance of the only one political party: the presidency, parliament, municipalities and then all other state institutions, that reflected in the hostage seizure of the state. The wiretapped conversations of high ranked politicians that began to be published since February 9, 2015 proved that the judiciary had been the target of political and party calculations. It clearly showed that politicians are those “big bosses” appoint and dismiss judges and prosecutors, interfere with litigation, assemble cases and proceedings, instrumentalizing all judicial instances. Following the publication of the so-called political 'bombs', with the mediation of the international community among the main political parties the (Skopje) Przhino Agreement was reached and finaly the political product of which was the establishment of the Special Public Prosecutor's Office on September 15, 2015. However that hope did not last. At the top the paradox, the Special Public Prosecutor's Office was trapped in a large corruption, so its ending was disappointing and depressing for citizens. From the public statements of Euro diplomats this confusing judiciary situation is expected to have its impact on the road of the country towards European integration.


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