Optimizing Depok City Government Website in Realizing an Electronic-Based Government System

  • Didin Mukodim Gunadarma University Master of Communication Science, Depok, West Java
  • Edy Prihantoro Gunadarma University Master of Communication Science, Depok, West Java
  • Noviawan Rasyid Ohorella AKMRTV Jakarta, Cakung, East Jakarta
Keywords: Optimization, Website, City Government, Creating


The Electronic Based Government System (SPBE) is implemented in accordance with Presidential Regulation Number 95 of 2018 concerning SPBE. Ministry. Institutions and agencies must create clean, effective, transparent and accountable governance. One of the studies in SPBE is transparency of information through the City Government website. City Government is serious about building city government web to provide complete information needed by all people. Web optimization is needed to support the performance and achievements of the City Government in general. This study aims to determine how much influence the variables of usability, information quality, quality of service interactions have on user satisfaction of city government websites partially and simultaneously. The subjects in this study were 100 people who were the visitors of the website depok.go, id. In this study, the quality of the depok.go.id website was measured using the WebQual 4.0 method. The sampling technique was using purposive sampling technique. The data analysis used in this research is multiple analysis. The results showed that the variables of use and quality of information were partially influential with the effect of 67.5% and 37.5%, while the quality of service interactions had no effect. Simultaneously, the three variables have an effect on website user satisfaction with a large effect of 70.35. This means that the website of the City Government of Depok has gained the public's trust as a source of quality and satisfying information for the Depok community, including those related to SPBE.


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