The Role of Host Plant Resistance in Management of Wheat Rusts: A Review


  • Worku Abebe Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Holeta Agricultural Research Center (HARC), P.O. Box 2003, Holeta, Ethiopia , Tel: +251913317619


resistance, host plant, wheat, rusts, diseases, management


Wheat is the world’s most important crop and rusts are present wherever wheat is grown. Rust diseases of wheat are among the oldest known diseases and are important worldwide. Use of resistant cultivars is the most important, economical, effective and practical method of managing rusts in wheat. It is also the most environmentally friendly and profitable strategy for commercial farmers if they grow genetically resistant varieties using different resistance genes. Wheat rust diseases can successfully be controlled through genetic resistance. For example, wheat stem rust was controlled for about three decades using sr31 resistance gene.  Breakdown of resistant cultivars due to new races of rust pathogens is a common occurrence in wheat production of the world. Similarly, in Ethiopia, wheat rusts are major threats for wheat production causing frequent and widespread epidemic largely due to fast breakdown of resistant cultivars. Thus the susceptible cultivars should be replaced by resistant cultivars to minimize rust epidemics and so yield loss. The problem of fast breakdown of resistant genes in cultivars can largely be elevated by continual development of new cultivars with a combination of different types of resistance. This review discusses information on the role of host plant resistance in management of rust diseases in wheat, types of host plant resistance in wheat against rust diseases and sources of host plant resistance in wheat against rusts diseases.


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