A Descriptive Statistical Analysis of the Interrelationship between the COVID-19 Pandemic, Human Resources Management and Employees at a Higher Learning Institution in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Dr. Valentine Smith Senior Lecturer. In the Academic Affairs Department, Cc: The Human Resource Management Faculty Department. Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies ,Trinidad and Tobago
Keywords: human resource management, employee adjustment, COVID-19 pandemic


An organization today has to remain alert and adaptive to unforeseen events, such as the COVID 19 pandemic crisis, which has created increased uncertainty among employees and pose immediate threats to the organizations’ performance and viability. The college suddenly has to navigate the unprecedented impact of the virus and at the same time find new solutions to challenges arising across many areas of its operations. The researcher has identified that the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted on the employees and the human resource management (HRM) system of the college.  The employer has demonstrated concern for employees by implementing policies to cope with and adjust to their newly altered work environment.  


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