Managing Youth and Adolescents for Post COVID-19

  • Wan Muhammad Aniq Wan Hadilah Ministry of Youth and Sports, Putrajaya, Malaysia
  • Aziyati Yusoff Ministry of Youth and Sports, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Keywords: adolescents, COVID-19, future jobs, PEST management tool, youth development


In light with the recent pandemic outbreak, the  youth and the adolescents had fallen hard to  survive for their future proof, socio-economic  changes and the new norms that they would face. With issues that involve their future planning,  education access and job security, the right tools  to manage these adolescents are needed in aid of  their endurance. This article is discussing on how  the youth could survive in the better future that  they can shape by their own approaches which  might also include on the mastery of the latest  technologies to meet the market demands and the  future jobs that they can adapt through the global  changes due to this situation.


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