A Study on Street Hawkers and Their Willing Towards Continuation of Hawking Business in Bangladesh: A Statistical Analysis

  • Mohammad Monjur Morshed Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science,University of Chittagong, Chattogram -4331, Bangladesh
Keywords: Street hawker, Continuation, Business, Influential factors, Chattogram city


This study is an attempt to examine the association of various socio-demographic characteristics on the willing concerning continuation of hawking business for the respondents of Chattogram metropolitan area in Bangladesh. The association of the selected variables with the willing concerning continuation of hawking business were examined using bivariate and logistic regression analyses. The result shows that the respondents who are male, married, come from the rural areas, secondary and less than secondary educated are more involved in street hawking than those who are female, unmarried, urban areas residents, higher secondary and above educated. Again, logistic regression analysis for the willing regarding continuation of hawking business shows that sex, marital status, educational qualification, age, monthly income, rural urban migration, savings’ ability, fathers’ survival status are highly significantly associated with willing towards continuation of respondents’ business.Street hawker


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