The Use of Substitution Table in Teaching Writing Among Primary School Students

  • Mohammed Z. M. Qaddoura University Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Johor 81310, Malaysia
Keywords: writing skill, substitution table, improve, motivate, primary school


This action research was conducted with the aim to enhance the teaching of writing skills by using the substitution table as a teaching technique to improve teaching writing skills, consequently leading to an improvement in Second Language learners' writing skills in the English Language. The substitution table was used to teach pupils the rules about writing simple sentences correctly besides training and drilling them in wiring simple sentences. Participants of this action research were ten students of Year 3 from one of the schools in Pasir Gudang district, Johor. The data was collected via document analysis. Results showed that use of a substitution table facilitated in teaching about writing skills, which consequently led to the improvement in the pupils' simple sentence writing skills. The researcher discovered that pupils were interested and motivated when teachers used the substitution table to teach writing simple sentences. They also managed to write simple sentences without any errors.


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