Assessing Citizens’ Perceptions on the Sierra Leone Local Content Act of 2016


  • Hindowa B. Momoh University of Sierra Leone


Economic growth, economic development, local, mandate, public, private, economy, agriculture, mining, industry, policy, enterprises, investments, public-private partnership


The Sierra Leone Local Content Compact (LCC) was signed in 2013 with the aim to develop a public-private sector owned implementation strategy to the Local Content Policy. The Sierra Leone Local Content Unit was established in October 2014 with the mandate to implement the Local Content Policy, which, in a large measure, has not been popularized and citizens know very little about it. This assessment, therefore, sets out to gauge and capture the perspectives of both the public and private sectors on their knowledge, existence and understanding of the policy and how they will popularize and promote the policy that could help develop the private sector in Sierra Leone. This paper also argues that the participation and collaboration of both the private and public sectors will guarantee not only the popularization of the policy but also promote its implementation that will ensure the growth and development of the private sector much needed for poverty reduction in the country.


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