Investigation of Language and Code Switching in Pakistani Advertisement


  • Aisha Shoukat M. Phil Applied Linguistics, M. Ed


advertising, ads, fairness creams, language of advertiser, code switching, advantages and disadvantages of fairness creams


Advertising plays an important and crucial part in our media culture. The language an advertiser uses plays an equally important role in selling of product. The main purpose of this research was to investigate the language used by various companies and individuals to sell their product. The study also highlights the semantic analysis of the language used in the advertisements. The data was collected through internet, the main source was YouTube and Instagram. The collected data includes randomly selected ads of soap, shampoo, biscuit and fairness creams. Through findings, the research revealed the different figure of speech and the use of code switching by the seller to sell his or her product. The findings also show the advantages and the disadvantages of the Fairness cream advertisements. The study is important for the readers as it would act as a platform for future researchers to explore the new dimension in the study.


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