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Submitting Dissertations and Thesis for Publication:You’ve got your PhD or Master's or even your graduation project. Well done! Congratulations. You should probably begin to consider getting it published. If it’s a real contribution to knowledge; a PhD and a Master's are supposed to be, then the outside world needs to see it! Authors are invited to submit their original, dissertations and thesis for consideration for publication in IJSBAR. Dissertations and thesis in all scientific fields at the following levels: BSc/BAMSc/MA or MPhilPhD/DPhil or DSc(ScD)/DLitt  General InformationSubmitted dissertations or thesis to IJSBAR must already have been approved by a research committee or by the affiliated university. The IJSBAR journal will assumes that the student’s institution and supervisor did evaluate the thesis; thus the IJSBAR journal may decide (in certain cases) to contact the supervisor or/and the students university to ensure that the thesis satisfies the journal’s publication requirements.Authors can submit their dissertations or thesis at any time for possible publication in IJSBAR.Authors can choose to publish the Full-Text or Summaries/Abstracts only of their respective thesis or dissertation.Submission should be sent using the following link SUBMIT THESIS ABSTRACT. After you submit your thesis details using the previous link; you have to send your full thesis as an attachment to the following email indicating that this submission is a thesis submission.Acceptance notification period will be within 2-8 days from receiving the thesis application. In case of any delay you can contact the editor using editorijsbar2@gssrr.orgIMPORTANT NOTE: after submitting your thesis; Please add the email address in your address book so that the messages from Editorial Office do not end up in your spam without you knowing it.Publication fees: when the thesis or dissertation is accepted for publication, you will be asked to pay the thesis Publication Fee (105 US Dollar )  to cover publications costs.The accepted dissertation and thesis can be cited or referenced and will receive the same Journal's impact factor and prestige as all researches in the journal.Authors will keep the complete copyright of their dissertations and thesis.BENEFITS FOR ALL AUTHORS: Fast, easy, and clear thesis publication Process.Indexing and abstracting in many places for high visibility and promotion of your thesis.IJSBAR provides "Soft Copy of thesis" to Authors; this copy can be downloaded directly from the journal’s site.IJSBAR provides “Free Soft Copy of the Journal Cover for Printingâ€. Authors can download this cover from here.Access to Author, reader, and reviewer Accounts. Authors can use their lifetime accounts to (Print articles, read Indexing metadata, use the citation tools, download Supplementary files for certain articles, Finding References, Email articles directly, Email the authors, and Post a Comment).IJSBAR provides "Electronic Certificate of Publication for Free" for the Authors upon request.All published thesis are published online as well as in Hard copy of journal (hard copies are available upon author request for extra fees).Open Access Journal Database to guarantees that your research work is fully accessible and downloadable for all researchers around the world.