Call for Candidates for Editor-in-Chief in all scientific areas


Call for Candidates for Editor-in-Chief in all scientific areas

Global Society of Scientific Research and Researchers (GSSRR)

2014 Position Criteria

The GSSRR is creating new international journals in all scientific areas; and thus we are looking for Candidates for Editor-in-Chief for those journals.


The main areas of focus for the Editor-in-Chief are to:

1) Provide the editorial direction and vision of the new journal consistent with the mission of GSSRR.

2) Manage the overall peer review process that includes assigning manuscripts to reviewers, and making the final acceptance and rejection decisions.

3) Seeking and leveraging opportunities to enhance the impact of the new journal, for example, by developing supplemental issues on specific topics with appropriate third parties that may increase the influence and reach of the new journal.

4) Serving as an ex-officio member of the GSSRR Executive Committee and Council.


Core Responsibilities of a Member of the Council and the Executive Committee:

1-Actively participate in all Council and Executive Committee meetings (via conference call).

2- Attend the Society’s Meeting, serving as the personal face of the journal and the Society.


Assumptions for Editor-in-Chief:

1- Is passionate about the Society’s mission and vision.

2- Has the energy, vision, commitment and open-mindedness to actively engage in identifying new strategies to grow the Society’s role and influence on the global stage.

3- Strong reputation for fairness, integrity, professionalism, equanimity, and good judgment.


Criteria for Editor-in-Chief:

1- Real-time experience and responsibility for research, education and advocacy relevant to the various activities and mission of the GSSRR membership.

2- Strong background and writing skills in scientific communications relevant to the ongoing and future interests of GSSRR members.

3- Broad knowledge of its field areas.

4- Experience and/or willingness to participate in campaigns and other revenue generating and public policy efforts on behalf of GSSRR.


Term and Compensation

1- The Editor-in-Chief is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and the Council. The Editor-in-Chief reports to the Council.

2- The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the Council for a three-year term beginning on the first day of the Society’s Annual Meeting in the year the appointment is made.

3- Compensation is available for this position at an amount determined by the Council which is usually 15% from the journal’s income.


Application Procedure

1- Maximum two page narrative statement addressing the listed criteria, the strengths the candidate brings to this role and personal interest in seeking this key position within the Society.

2- CV.

3- Send your CV and the two page statement to