Call for Research Groups

Call for "Research Groups": Basic and Applied Research of Interdisciplinary or Multidisciplinary Teams of Two to Seven Researchers Independent of Location

With the support of the Gamut Society of Scientific Research and Researchers (GSSRR), in August 2017 the GSSRR is issuing a call for “Research Groups”. The concept application must be submitted on the basis of the guidelines by 30 January 2018.

Target groups

  • A team of two to seven internationally outstanding researchers from all scientific/scholarly disciplines, in all scientific disciplines, in particular from the social sciences, financial analysis and prediction, and cultural sciences.
  • Participation in a research group is possible in addition to the currently applicable project number restriction of yhree GSSRR projects.
  • One researcher acts as coordinator of the research group.
  • The formal application is submitted by the site.


  • Funding of cooperation projects between researchers.
  • Medium-term research cooperation (up to 4 years).
  • Innovative interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research cooperation that deepens or consolidates a topic.


Before submitting a concept proposal (publication of the proposal guidelines at the end of August 2017), the researchers at the research group must jointly agree on the thematic requirements described below (e. g. research programme, team, etc.):

Research programme

  • State of research on which the research group is based
  • Presentation of the common goals and questions in the research group.
  • Concise presentation of the innovative and “cutting-edge” character of the research topic.
  • Description of the thematic coherence and the expected innovation value through collaboration in the research group.

Quality and composition of the research team

  • For every scientist/scholar
    • Description of qualification and expertise. 
    • International cooperation with other researchers and research inistitutions. 
  • For the team
    • Presentation of communication structure and strategy.

Review process

At least three external expert opinions are obtained from the GSSRR for each formally correct concept proposal. 


Maximum 4 years


Maximum $30,000 per year; these costs cover: equipment, travel, other expenses and five per cent of general project costs


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