Vol 32, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Analysis of the International Market PDF
Vesna Grozdanovska 1-12
Implementation of Knowledge Against Hearth Mother, Nutrient Intake, Weight Gain and Less Toddler Nutritional Status in Jayapura PDF
Melva Verawaty Siagian, A. L. Rantetampang, B. Sandjadja 13-19
Arthropods Population in Palm Oil Plantation with and without Applications of Palm Oil Mill Effluent PDF
Sakiah Sakiah, Mariani Sembiring, Luqmanul Hakim 20-28
Sundanese Cultural Values of Local Wisdom: Integrated to Develop a Model of Learning Biology PDF
Uus Toharudin, Iwan Setia Kurniawan 29-49
Determinants Factors Associated with Acceptors Family Planning Program among Fertile Age Couple People Arfak in the District South Manokwari PDF
Prawati Yunita Ahoren, A. L. Rantetampang, Basa Rumahorbo 50-63
Myelomeningocoele in Nigeria: Has There Been Any Change with Improved Neurosurgery Care? PDF
Ephraim Onyia, Mark Chikani, Wilfred Mezue, Enoch Uche, Izuchukwu Iloabachie, Matthew Mesi, Emeka Okorie 64-74
Primary and Secondary Education Curricula in three East African Countries: A Comparative Analysis PDF
Kitaw Kassie Engida 75-91
The Poetics of Oromo Blessing Expressions: A Stylistic Analysis of a Verbal Art Genre PDF
Ashenafi Belay Adugna, Eba Teresa Garoma 92-120
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Concentration Levels in the Cephalopod Species along the Moroccan Atlantic Coast PDF
Fatima Zahra Ndadani, Fouzia Zkhiri, Abderrazzak Rachidi 121-129
The Factors Affecting of Quality Life Society at Karubaga District Sub District Tolikara Papua Province PDF
Delwien Esther Jacob, A. L. Rantetampang, Bernard Sandjaja 130-142
Determinants Factors Affecting the Availability of Data Set Priorities in the Department of Health (Study in Four Districts in Papua) PDF
Aaron Rumainum, A. L. Rantetampang, A. Zainuri 143-150
Modelling and Stability Analysis of Typhoid Fever Transmission Dynamics with control Strategies PDF
Stephen Edward 151-168
Impact of Regional Government Expenditure and Investment on Internal Migration and Economy in Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia PDF
Ambar Dwi Santoso, Bonar M. Sinaga, Sri Hartoyo, M. Parulian Hutagaol 169-180
Awareness, Acceptability, and Relevance of the Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives of the Programs of Naval State University Graduate School PDF
Susan S. Bentor, Paul Matthew S. Bentor, Claire Theresa S. Bentor 181-206
The Effect of Legume and Non Legume to the Sandalwood (Santalum Album, Linn.) Growth in Timor Leste PDF
Gomes D., Adnyana Adnyana 207-237
Conservation and Sustainable Use of Gaharu Producing Plants PDF
Rima Herlina, Setiawati Siburian 238-246
The Correlation of the Meanings of Verbs Pouvoir and Devoir in French and Their Equivalent in Indonesian PDF
Balduin Pakpahan 247-269
The Relation between Either of Hygiene Food Handlers or Presentation Food and Coliform Bacteria Contamination in the Food Street of Elementary School PDF
Sitti Badrah, Andi Anwar, Priscila Y. A 270-279
The Factors Affecting of Adherence Drug Medicine ARV to Patient With HIV/AIDS at Paniai Regency PDF
Budiono Budiono, A. L. Rantetampang, Bernard Sandjaja 280-298
The Effect of Recitation Al Qur’an Verses of Pre-laughter as Psychological Treatment on the Physical Quality of the Broiler Meat PDF
Tahrir Aulawi, Joko Hermanianto, Rizal Syarief, Henny Nuraini 299-308
Evaluation of Topical Red Dragon Fruit Extract Effect (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) on Tissue Granulation and Epithelialization in Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and Non-DM Wistar Rats: Pre Eliminary Study PDF
Takdir Tahir, Syakib Bakri, Ilhamjaya Patellongi, Makbul Aman, Upik A. Miskad, Maryunis Maryunis, Saldy Yusuf, Ade Irma Rahayu, Ahmad Dahlan Syam, Hasriyani Hasriyani 309-320
Capital Flight in Liberia: Extent and Mitigation Recommendations PDF
George B. Gould 321-335
Effects of Counseling in CVT Clinic and Black Tea (Camelia sinensis varietas Assamika) Supplements in the Improvement of CD4 Profile in HIV Patients Receiving ARV Treatment PDF
Adius Kusnan, Suryani Asad, Agussalim Bukhari, Nasir Jidhe, Rosdiana Natsir, Andi Asadul Islam, Prihantono Prihantono, Nasrum Massi, La Ode Sura, Haruddin Haruddin 336-344
Relationship of P-glycoprotein (Pgp) Expression and Estrogen Receptor (ER) Expression in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Breast Cancer PDF
Christian B, Daniel Sampepajung, Prihantono Prihantono, Berti Nelwan 345-351
Study of Hemoglobin and Ferritin Profile as Indicators in Children Hematology of 12-15 Years Provided Local Rice Fortification PDF
Sultan Akbar Toruntju, Aminuddin Syam, Sukri Palutturi, Mansyur Arif, Veni Hadju, Abdul Razak Thaha 352-364
"Organized Complexity" in Iranian Traditional Architecture (Islamic Era) PDF
Fatemeh Ahani, Iraj Etessam 365-374

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