Thesis Abstracts: International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research 2021-08-14T00:00:00+00:00 Dr. Mohammad Nasar Open Journal Systems <p>This section is for publishing Full thesis only. Submit your full thesis only&nbsp;</p> <p>Do not Submit research paper in this section.&nbsp;</p> A Study on Enhancing Service Quality in Driving Schools: A Case of Jeddah Driving School 2019-09-27T13:24:10+00:00 Ahmed Sami Hanbazazah <p>“Currently the economies of the majority of both the developed and developing countries are now heavily relying on services, the quality of service delivered by the vendor has become middle phase for both scientific researchers and business managers of many different businesses including those who only providing service such as driving schools. This research study investigates and evaluates the service quality levels and customer satisfaction at Jeddah driving development school. The preliminary chapter includes an introduction that outlines the research service quality indicating the significance of customer satisfaction at Jeddah Driving School and the development of service quality practices at the driving school. The research aims to measure the service quality at Jeddah driving school. Then, the literature review chapter focuses on the available studies that linked to service quality practices applied by various businesses. Next, is the methodology chapter which discusses the literature eligibility criteria, moreover, the evaluation for the sucrose of information and the research methods that adopted for conducting this work. Basically, the survey of online questionnaires is used in collecting the primary data in this research. Furthermore, the information collected from both primary and secondary data is analyzed in the analysis and discussion chapter by connecting it with the theories that argued in the literature review chapter. Finally, the concluding chapter that discussed the limitations of the study and presented some suitable recommendations from the findings and analysis chapter, which will allow enhancing business development strategies and service quality practices at Jeddah driving school.</p> 2019-09-27T13:11:59+00:00 Copyright (c)