Influence of the Binder on the Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Energy Briquettes Based on Cocoa Shells

  • Paul Nestor DJOMOU DJONGA faculty of sciences, university of maroua
  • Jeanne Atchana
  • Alexis NANKAP
  • Cornelius Tsamo
Keywords: Briquettes, energies, biomass, binders, cocoa pods husk


In optics to improve thermal and mechanical properties of briquettes from cocoa pods husks, influence of adding binder was undertaken. With this intention, after having carried out preliminary tests of brickwork where three binders were tested to know the molasses of sugar cane, the gelatinized starch of manioc as well as the skins of manioc, only the starch of manioc and the molasses were selected on the basis of IRI (resistance index), of the Peak Load (PL) and Final Load (FL) of a needle on briquettes. The optimal range of the percentage of binder ratio is between 9.4% and 12.5%, for molasses and gelatinized starch. Thermal properties of the raw materials were studied on the basis of determination of the ash content (AC), volatile mater (VM), fixed carbon (FC) and calorific value (CV). Molasses and starch binder contributes to increase the calorific value (16.69±1.00 – 19.80±4.69 MJ/kg).