Evaluation of genetic diversity among six different varieties of phyllanthus emblica through RAPD,ISSR,SSR,DAMD and their Antimicrobial,Antioxidant activity

Aditi Patel
Microbiology, S.P University
June, 2014


Traditional uses of plants have led to the investigation of their bioactive compounds resulting in significant number of remedial properties. The present study was aimed at detecting the phytochemicals and evaluating the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of six different varieties(Deshi,Anand-2, Gujarat-2, NA-7, Krishna, NA-10) of Phyllanthus emblica known for that medicinal properties. The phytochemical screening was carried out in Leaves, Fruit and Stem of Phyllanthus emblica using 7 different chemicals for qualitative analysis and 2 for quantitative analysis. Among them 6 chemicals indicate positive test and Phylobatanins indicates negative test. In quantitative analysis Deshi and NA-10 was shown higher phenolic content in Leaves, Fruit and Stem. In total flavonoid content Krishna was observed higher flavonoid content in all. The antioxidant activity of these extracts were determined by DPPH radical scavenging activity, Reducing power assay and Phosphomolybdenum assay. High Amount of antioxidant activity was observed in Deshi. The results show that Phyllanthus emblica DistillWater and Ethylacetate extract exhibited a significant antimicrobial activity. Both extract show more antimicrobial activity than the Chloroform and Petroleumether extract.
(Keywords-P.emblica,Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Phytochemical, DPPH).