June, 2013


In modern contest the world is moving from conventional energy sources to the renewable one. It is due to its greater abundance and environment friendly characteristics.
Power electronic devices used as interface between renewable power and its user. It makes the power generated by renewable sources suitable for utilization.
Solar power contribution in power generation has been increasing very fast and cost of power generated by solar photovoltaic is falling rapidly. Solar photovoltaic cell converts solar energy directly into dc power. Power is mostly transmitted and utilized in ac form because of advantages associated with it. To convert the dc power into ac, a highly efficient converter is required for optimum utilization of energy. Power electronic devices can be used for this purpose, because they are highly efficient, light weight, small size, very fast and most reliable. Power electronic devices used as a switch.
Power electronics devices required control signal for its operation. These signals may require continuously or at the time of switching. There are many controllers which generate control signal and has its own advantages and disadvantages.
The characteristic of solar photovoltaic cell is such that it has a point on curve which corresponds to maximum power. So it becomes necessary to design a controller which not only convert dc power of solar to ac but convert peak power.
This work demonstrates a new method that can be used for transferring solar energy into the grid. This consists of designing of line commutated inverter and microcontroller based control circuit. The microcontroller has been used to design the control circuit because of its greater reliability, flexibility and versatility. Besides the delay angle can be controlled according to requirement by just changing the program not the hardware setup.