studies of homemade concentrate on growth performance in weaned Holdeo calves

keitiretse biki Gabatwesepe (
animal husbandry and dairy science, marathwarda agricultural university
May, 2013
KB Gabatwesepe,
(B-tech Animal Production
MSc Animal Husbandry and Dairy science)

Dairy research officer,Ministry of Agriculture,department of Agric Research, Botswana


This experiment was designed to assess the cost and the effect of homemade concentrates having various combinations of legume and non legume feed ingredients on the growth performance in weaned Holdeo calves (HF X Deoni). Twelve HF X Deoni crossbred calves with mean age of 11.81  0.75 months and initial live weight of 100.33  6.42 kg were selected. A randomized block design was used for this experiment. The animals were grouped into four blocks of three animals each based on initial live weight and randomly assigned to one of the three treatments. The control group was fed with readymade concentrate available from the market (T0) and the group fed with concentrate containing 24% legume was designated as treatment T1 and containing 35% legume as T2. All the treatments were fed sorghum green fodder as per body requirement and dry fodder (50% soybean straw and 50% sorghum straw) adlibitum. The total experimental period was 90 days. For growth performance evaluation, total BWG, daily BWG, body height, body length and chest girth, for feed intake assessment DMI, DMI/100 kg BW, DCP intake, TDN intake, for nutrients digestibility evaluation DM, CP, EE, CF, NFE and economics of feeding were considered.The overall LSM of average BWG, daily BWG, body height, body length and chest girth were recorded as 43.80  2.02 kg, 485.00  23.00 g, 0.09  0.006 cm, 0.08  0.015 cm and 0.12  0.003 cm, respectively.
The overall LSM of total DMI, DMI/100 kg BW, DCP intake and TDN intake were 405.84  23.68 kg, 352.59  0.79 kg, 533.76  30.46 g and 2.49  0.018 kg, respectively. The overall LSM of DM, CP, EE, CF and NFE digestibility
were 56.27  0.278, 56.94  0.078, 53.36  0.405, 54.53  0.383 and 57.056  0.458 per cent, respectively. It was observed that the effect of treatments were significant (P<0.05) on total BWG, daily BWG, body length, chest girth, digestibility of DM, EE and CF whereas, it was non-significant on height, DMI/100 kg BW, DCP intake, TDN intake and digestibility of CP. However, the effect of treatments were highly significant (P<0.01) on digestibility of NFE. The total cost of feeding over an experimental period for T0, T1 and T2 were Rs. 11204.67, 15189.10 and 14382.65, respectively and the cost of feed per kg body weight gain under treatment were Rs. 55.47, 94.93 and 87.96, respectively. In conclusion, All the homemade concentrate mixture have better efficiency of feed utilization as compare to the readymade concentrate, thus it can be inferred that homemade concentrates have superior optimum biological value. The cost per kg body weight gain of crossbred calves was lower in the readymade concentrate; however, the efficiency of nutrients utilization was much better in the homemade concentrate.
Key Words: Homemade and readymade concentrates, crossbred calves, feed intake, Growth performance, nutrients digestibility



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