E-marketing as strategy for restaurants in TRNC

Jarungjit Tiautrakul
Marketing, Girne American University
January, 2014


The aim of this research was to identify the main challenges for e-services as strategy for restaurants and the understanding of the customers behavior in TRNC. The objectives of this research are:

(1) Evaluate the current situation of the e-services offered by restaurants in TRNC;
(2) Analyze the demand for orders and booking restaurants through internet;
(3) Investigate the challenges for developing e-service strategies for restaurants in TRNC;
(4) Propose alternatives for applying new e-service strategies for restaurants in TRNC.

Both qualitative and quantitative methods were applied for data collection in Lefkosa, Famagusta and Girne. Online questionnaire was used to collect data from actual and potential user of the service, regarding its of reliability, control, service oriented and convenience.

With over 300 samples has been collected.

Based on the findings Turkish and Foreigner who lives in TRNC are willing to use e-services; however it will take some years until these applications become more familiar to them. The trend of users is going towards the use of technologies and adding value to the customers. Limitation for having a bigger market for the web site providers is that the web sites are in still in only Turkish and does not offer the option in English, this is a high barrier for capturing the market where have high amount of tourist and international students. Other limitations are that local people are not 100% comfortable with the use of the internet for these services, reputation and credibility of the web pages, technologies development and the difficulties to be updated, the lack of use of customer data base. Also as one of the main problems, that the web sites are facing is the window time for the delivery. Process for delivery and booking systems are suggested for optimizing the time of the delivery after the order has being placed or confirmation of tables that have been booked.