Neutromostafa Theory

Mostafa Kamal Mohamed Ismail (
STEM, STEM High school for boys
October, 2014
An enthusiastic, Smart and talented young person with an outstanding academic background and excellent Achievements and Extracurricular activities. Highly motivated, reliable with experience of Scientific research method and Astounding GPA. Currently looking for Studying abroad Engineering or Physics.


There are many puzzles which seem to be unsolvable. One of these is the existence of different composition of the same element-the isotopes. Another puzzle is the reason behind the relation between mass number and atomic number and why the mass number of light elements equals double the atomic number. Other thing is that why electrons revolve around the nuclease, and why the Earth revolves around the sun. The last thing is that the explanation of forming positron and electron when Gamma rays existed. The reason behind all that came with many contemplation and research. The atom is originally neutron and the four forces and energies (Pressure, Temperature, light and gravity) act on it. When these forces acts on the neutron they make it disintegrate into proton and electron, or you can say to quarks of protons and electrons. The nature of life, as we know, makes things split into their halves: the Amoeba cell grows up then split into two daughter cells. The neutron splits into proton and electron when these forces are enough to do so. Thats why first twenty elements in the periodic table have their mass number equals nearly double the atomic number. When the atom is heavier, means to have greater neutrons, the attraction force between the neutrons is bigger, so less than half of the neutrons will be decomposed. That's why the ration between the mass number and atomic number is not 2:1 when the atom is heavier. If we take a sample of anything, the forces will not act on all the samples by the same degree, so the neutrons will not be all decomposed due to these forces and energies. This means that in the same element we can find different number of neutrons, isotopes, but the forces effect dominants. This theory of the forces and the origin of the atoms can be proved with the CP violation theory, which toke the Nobel Prize in physics.