Vol 30, No 5 (2016)

Table of Contents


Model Development of Character Educational for the State University of Medan Students PDF
Biner Ambarita, Sukarman Purba 1-12
Unhealthy Behavior Related to the Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases PDF
Ii Solihah, Atikah Adyas Anwar, Tri Riana Lestari 13-19
Classification of Inceptisol Soil on Robusta Coffee Plantation in Silima Pungga – Pungga District PDF
Posma Marbun, Zulkifli Nasution, Hamidah Hanum, Abubakar Karim 20-27
Antibacterial Activity of Three Medical Plant Extracts of Saudi Arabia on Isolated Bacteria PDF
Souheila Naghmouchi, Mohamed Al-Sakhawy, Sarah Abdulalim, Elham Al akil, Azza Ebid 28-35
Difference in the Sustainability between Microfinancial Institutions Which Offer Combined Services and Those Which Offer Solely Micro-Credit PDF
Christine Avortri, Prof. T. B. Wereko 36-51
Evaluating Value-at-Risk in BIST Using Copula Approach PDF
Emre Yildirim, Mehmet Ali Cengiz 52-62
A Study Based on the Application of Bootstrap and Jackknife Methods in Simple Linear Regression Analysis PDF
Tolga Zaman, Kamil Alakuş 63-74
The Effect of a Different form of Corn Cob Based Complete Feed On the Consumption, Characteristics, and Ruminal Fermentation on Ruminants PDF
Ahmad Yahya, Syamsuddin Hasan, Asmuddin Natsir, Budiman Nuhung 75-86
Synthesis and Evaluation of New Series of 1,4-Dihydropyridine Derivatives as Anticancer Agents PDF
Anil Kumar Garige, Achaiah Garlapati 87-97
Effect of Pregnant Women in Class Activity to Knowledge Increase in Caring Pregnancy, Delivery, Postpartum and Newborn in Batua Health Centre Makassar PDF
Theresia Limbong, Anita Lontaan, Syaniah Umar 98-105
Relation Expression of Eestrogen Reseptor and Ki67 in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer PDF
Christian B, Daniel Sampepajung, Prihantono Prihantono, Berti Nelwan, Burhanuddin Bahar 106-113
Evaluation of the Potential Neurotoxicity of Gold Nanoparticles in the Different Rat Brain Regions PDF
Neveen A. Noor, Heba M. Fahmy, Iman M Mourad 114-129
Evaluation Error Measurement Tools Based on Blurred Image PDF
Farah Sari 130-139
Modeling the Change of Mangrove Forests in Irrawaddy Delta, South Myanmar PDF
Shou-Hao Chiang, Chi-Farn Chen 140-147
Hormonal Changes in Women Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) PDF
Nagham Hasan Ali 148-155
Financial Performance Analysis by Using TOPSIS and ELECTRE Methods: A Research on Turkish Construction Sector Companies PDF
Burak Keskin, Efehan Ulas, Haydar Koc 156-164
The Effect of Bank Specific Factors on Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya PDF
Eric Gicharu Kamande, Evusa Zablon, Dr Jared Ariemba 165-180
Assessment the Role of Basic Science Courses in Dentistry Capability Based on Opinion of Dentistry Students of Babol Medical Science University PDF
Mohammad Mehdizadeh, Tahere Padegane, Iman Jahaniyan, Arman Fallah 181-186
Development of an Efficient in Vitro Regeneration System for Endangered Wild Orange Citrus Chrysocarpa L. PDF
Shamsul H. Prodhan, Md. Nazmul Hasan, Hammadul Hoque, S. S. Alam, Mohammed Raqibul Hasan, Anup Gupta, Most. Ummay Salma Khatun, Afroza Parvin, Ziaul Faruque Joy 187-196
An Overview to the Determinants of a Poor Society, Its Fourteen Categories PDF
Ismael Tabuñar Fortunado 197-203
Study of Plankton Communities in the Imessouane Bay PDF
Elhassan. Ait-talborjt, Najat. Hafidi, Hassan. El ouizgani 204-214
The Role of Indigenous Social Institutions on Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Household’s Access to and Control over Livelihood Assets; Evidences from Somali Region, Ethiopia PDF
Gamachu Fufa Mamade, Belay Womber, Habtamu Atlew 215-225
Impact of Internal Corporate Social Responsibility on Employee Engagement a Study of Moderated Mediation Model PDF
Hummaira Qudsia Yousaf, Iftikhar Ali, Ali Sajjad, Muhammad Ilyas 226-243
The Relationship between Epicardial Adipose Tissue Thickness with Severity of Coronary Artery Disease in Indonesia PDF
Abdul Hakim Alkatiri, Syakib Bakri, Ilhamjaya Patellongi, Mirnawati Mappiare 244-253
Factors Affecting of Attitude in Breast Self-Examination among Fertile Age Women in Wosi Sub District of West Manokwari PDF
Jeane Caroline Etwiory, A.L. Rantetampang, B. Sandjadja 254-262
Factors Affecting Depression to Old Age at Rehabiliy Old Age and Home Family Registered Health Primary Sentani Jayapura Regency Papua Province PDF
Delila Mehue, A. L. Rantetampang, Bernard Sandjaja 263-279
The Risk Factor’s Dengue Hemoraghic Fever at Jayapura City Papuan Province PDF
Aldie J Manugan, A.L. Rantetampang, B. Sandjadja 280-294
Determining the Factors Affecting the Price of Beetle in Turkish Market via Hedonic Price Model PDF
Hasan Bulut, Tolga Zaman, Ebrucan İslamoğlu, Ümit Kılıç 295-301
Breastfeeding Mother’s Knowledge and Attitude of Early Initiation and Exclusiveness in Remote Area PDF
St Saleha, Suryani As’ad, Armyn Nurdin, Burhanuddin Bahar 302-309
Effect of Antenatal Education Model Base on Problem toward Knowledge of KEK Pregnant Women and Birth Weight PDF
Asriati Asriati, Muhammad Syafar, Arsunan A.A., Saifuddin Sirajuddin 310-316
Influence of Commitment to Organization, Career Development, Performance Appraisal, and Job Satisfaction towards Turnover Intention of Star-Rating Hotel Employees in Malang PDF
Nilawati Fiernaningsih 317-338
Level of Ammonia, Dust, Production Performance, and Egg Quality of Laying Hens on Cage and Litter System in Tropical Area PDF
Niken Ulupi, Rudi Afnan, Rukmiasih Rukmiasih 339-348
Use of Collections Library Needs of Library Users in the First State Junior High School (SMPN 1) Limapuluh at North Sumatera Indonesia PDF
Eva Rabita 349-360
Impact of Industrial with Farmers Partnership Against Cocoa Cultivation Practices in the Luwu Region, South Sulawesi PDF
Muhammad Nasrun, Rahim Darma, Salengke Salengke, Nasaruddin Nasaruddin 361-374
The Factors Relate to Job Performance of Nurses with Health Nursing Service at Internal Room of Physical General Hospital Abepura, Papua PDF
Dortea Yawan, A. L. Rantetampang, Agus Zainuri 375-393
Impact of Botanical Extracts on Weight Gain and Abdominal Fat Content in Broiler Chickens PDF
Nyembezi Mgocheki 394-402
Application of Career Assessment Model to Assist Students in Choosing Department in Senior High School PDF
Farida Aryani, Abdullah Sinring, Muhammad Rais 403-415
Internalization of Gender Role in Production, Decision Making and Income (Case Study of Sericulture Household in Wajo District Indonesia) PDF
Andi Maslia Tenrisau Adam, Sitti Bulkis, Nursini Nursini, Andi Sadapotto 416-426
The Practices of Nurse Unit Managers in Hospitals PDF
Emmanuel Aoudi Chance 427-437
Ideal Effect of Self-Learning Process of Adaptation of Graduate Nurses to Face Test Competence in Poltekkes Ministry of Health Makassar, Indonesia PDF
Muhammad Nur, Laurentius Dyson, Shrimarti Roekmini Devy 438-444
Factors Affecting Anemia among Pregnant Women in Manokwari District Hospital 2016 PDF
Merlin Soripet, A. L. Rantetampang, Basa. T. Rumahorbo 445-456
The Affecting Corelation Between Adherence Cst Service To Coinfeksi Pasient Tb-HIV At Poli Tb Dots Jayapura General Hospital Papuan Province PDF
Beeri I. Swopari, A. L. Rantetampang, Basa Rumahorbo 457-474

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