Biodiversity Strategy Improved in Ethiopia by Using Optimal Control System

A. N. Mohamad, Nigussie Dedefi Waritu, Gizachew kefelew Hailu, Mengistu Chalchisa Wakjira


Biodiversity Strategy (BS) explains conserving biodiversity is not just a matter of protecting wildlife in nature reserves. It is also about safeguarding the natural systems of the Earth that are our life support systems, purifying the waters, recycling oxygen, carbon and other essential elements, maintaining the fertility of the soil, providing food from the land, freshwaters, and seas, yielding medicines and safeguarding the genetic richness on which we depend in the creaseless struggle to improve our crops and livestock. Biodiversity can be divided into three hierarchical categories – Genes, species and ecosystems that describe quite different aspects of living systems and that scientists’ measure in different ways. We tried to measure BS with suitable parameters by using Optimal Control Systems including Hamiltonian – Jacobi – Bellman Equation (HJBE) and state, costate with control aimed at to improve BS in Ethiopia and explain how to improve and implemented it in Ethiopia in future properly.


Costate; Ecosystem diversity; Optimal Control Systems; HJBE; Species Diversity.

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