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Price Competition Among Retailers Of Coca Cola Products In Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria

Agboje Ifeoma Anestina, Awoyomi Femi, Yusuf Sulaiman Adeshina


The study was carried out on price competition among retail marketers of Coca-Cola products in Ibadan metropolis. A total of one hundred and ten retailers was randomly sampled from three Local Government Areas in Ibadan. Ordinary Least Square regression model was used for the analysis of the study. The findings of the study were that there were price variation in the Coca-Cola retail market that is monopolistically competitive in nature, and that these price variations were influenced by municipality characteristics, market conditions and store characteristics. It is therefore, recommended that more entries of retail marketers should be encouraged to reduce the monopolistic powers of the few retail marketers in the business.


Coca-Cola retailers, competition, price variation

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