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A Survey of Gastrointestinal Helminthes of Local Chickens in Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State

Edem Effiong Asukwo Offiong, O. E. Obioku, J. U. Umoh, C. A. Essien, N. B. Idiong


Rural Poultry as practiced by the rural population is both for consumption and for income generation during festive seasons. The practice of allowing the birds to scavenge for food in the neighbourhood exposes them to disease. This research was an active surveillance of worms which parasitize these rural birds using saturated the salt floatation method. Two hundred sterile samples of the faeces of 200 rural birds were collected randomly from 10 villages in Abak Local government Area. These were transported immediately for analysis in the laboratory using floatation method with saturated salt solution. Viewing with X10 microscope it was discovered that out of the 200 samples examined for helminthes, Ascaris gallinarium was found in 92 samples or (46%), Heterakis Spp was seen with 62 0r 31% positions, Capillaria Spp was 58 or 29% and Strongyles Spp was 46 or 23%. The least was Raillietina Spp which was found in only 22 (11%). This study to the best of my knowledge is the first attempt to research into the types of worm parasites found in local birds, though it has been conducted in other parts of Nigeria and the World over. It was concluded that there is a light prevalence of helminthes in Abak in rural birds, which will lead to high loses. This we advice for educate the rural community in better husbandry practice to preserve the rural poultry population.


Helminths;Rural poultry;Floatation;Saturated Salt

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