Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Knowledges Dialectics in Management of Kajang Customary Forest, District of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi

M. Asar Said Mahbub, Darmawan Salman, Daud Malamassam, Muhammad Dassir, Tamzil Ibrahim, Hajawa Hajawa


Local and non-local knowledges play an important role in the management of Kajang customary forest. This study aimed to analyze the existence of indigenous knowledge of Kajang   Communities and dialectic with the knowledge or wisdom from outside Kajang costumary communities in managing indigenous forests. The study was conducted in January 2012 to June 2012 in the village of Tuna Toa, District of Kajang, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This location was chosen because it is an area that still applies local knowledge for keeping their forests sustain until today. 

The approach taken in this study was a qualitative approach in order to describe and provide an explanation, providing a holistic understanding (comprehensive) and in-depth about the phenomenon that became the object of study. Research showed that there were a variety of local knowledges Kajang costumary communities in utilizing forest derived from the teachings of “Pasang” and non-local knowledge from the Government and private parties. Dialectics then arise and influence in the form of distribution of the forest complex by function, exploitation prohibitions and sanctions based on legislation. It was concluded that the dialectic is reflected in the form of coexistence, domination and hybridization. Referrals ecosystem management is to reconcile local and non-local knowledges especially elements that have been hybridized and still maintain rules that are dominated by “Pasang” rules.


Dialectics; Local Knowledge and Non-Local; Pasang Ri Kajang; Customary Forest.

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